About Us


Wet Feet Projects is a trading entity of Matlon Pty Ltd, and is owned and operated by Matt McArthur.

Matt is a licensed builder, and is able to offer you the professional expertise required to create your swimming pool project, whether that be a fibreglass pool or a concrete pool.

Matt has had the opportunity to work with most of the other pool companies over his years, and he has seen the good and the bad. Too often, pool companies fall down in one critical area:

“You cannot provide a quality installation of a swimming pool, if the licensed builder is sitting at a desk in an office, worse still on a beach at a resort, while an unlicensed subcontractor does the work on site!”

Wet Feet Pools - taking shape
Wet Feet Pools - work in progress
Wet Feet Pools - close up
Wet Feet Pools - surround done